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The Impacts of Sleep Duration, Problem Behaviors and Health Status on Letter Knowledge in Pre-Kindergarten Children. Authors: Molfese, Victoria J.; Beswick ... Molfese abstract 31.01.2016 07:48:49 http://www.childhealthandeducation.ca/articles/Abstracts/Molfeseabstract.htm

Services Intégrés de Développement de la Petite Enfance au Nicaragua. Integrated Childhood Development Services in Nicaragua Authors: Verdisco, Aimee ... verdisco abstract - Child Health and Education 31.01.2016 07:48:49 http://www.childhealthandeducation.ca/articles/Abstracts/verdiscoabstract.htm

Physical Activity Behaviors During the Preschool Years Author: Tucker, Patricia; and Irwin, Jennifer D. Address: Patricia Tucker, Faculty of Health ... Tucker 31.01.2016 07:48:49 http://www.childhealthandeducation.ca/articles/Abstracts/Tucker.htm

Child Health and Education: An Interdisciplinary Journal provides an international forum for publishing empirical, theoretical, and methodological articles ... SFU - Reach, Journal - Child Health and Education 31.01.2016 07:48:49 http://www.childhealthandeducation.ca/about_us/mission.htm

Adolescence and Sexuality in the Context of HIV and AIDS: Views and Concerns of Pupils in a Rural Primary School in Kenya. Authors: Belita, Alice, N ... Belita abstract 31.01.2016 07:48:49 http://www.childhealthandeducation.ca/articles/Abstracts/Belitaabstract2.htm

The Equalizing Power of Early Child Development: From the Commission on Social Determinants of Health to Action Author: Irwin, Lori G.; Siddiqi, Arjumand ... Irwin abstract - Child Health and Education 31.01.2016 07:48:49 http://www.childhealthandeducation.ca/articles/Abstracts/Irwinabstract.htm